Door signs

You can design your office sign or sign made of stainless steel, glass, aluminium or acryl in the sign shop

We decide here which materials and qualities are perfect for your door sign. Each of the following door signs has its own, special quality and advantage. We want to show you these and support you to find the sign with the right use for you. Whether it’s an office sign to design yourself with changeable text feeder, a company sign for your entrance with direct-print, a glass door sign with stainless steel spacers or a inexpensive acrylic door sign. You will receive everything in our sign shop.

Stainless steel door signs are in particular use in object signposting if there is in general a lot of stainless steel installed. Stainless steel is a long-lasting fine material, and because of the folded up stainless steel plate, text feeders can be included without a disturbing frame.

Glass door signs shine because of their clear reflecting glass plates. Mounting takes place with stainless steel spacers.

Framed door signs made out of aluminium offer a quick change of the text feeders. The hardly visible frames have non-reflecting acrylic glass plates to protect the text feeders, which you can label yourself. They are ideal for office signs. Some systems require tools to change the text feeder, others are toolless changeable. At the moment, these door sign – systems are the most selling and suitable signs for tactile inscription. Many different variations are available in our sign shop.

Aluminium door signs with aluminium extruded profile are robust, inexpensive and with coloured frames deliverable.

Acryl glass door signs are quickly made in all special sizes and they can easy and fast be purchased in our sign shop.


Here you see a quick overview of our door signs.


Door signs with frames

Very elegant, flat in design, signs system with a minimal visible edge. The modern type of object signposting with self labelling.

Door signs made of aluminium

Door signs finished in extruding sections, anodised and powder coated. Available in glass or acrylic cover glass. Tool needed to change text feeder.

Door signs made of acrylic

Transparent door signs made of acrylic glass, 1 x 8mm or 2 x 4mm with stainless steel wall spacers

Door signs made of glass

Door signs made with one sheet of safety glass with high quality wall spacers for screw mounting.