Please keep in mind, that the colour reproduction of not calibrated output devices (e.g. monitor, printer) as well as RGB pictures can deviate strongly from the print result.
RGB-documents will be transformed automatically to CMYK-Mode, and the colour profile ISOcoated_v2 will be assigned to it.
Therefore we do not assume any liability of the resulting colour deviations.

Print data

No MAC-data! All print data must be delivered in CMYK form.
Only .jpeg, .tiff, .pdf! By vector graphic data only: .eps, .ai, .cdr. Adobe data only in 5 oder 5.5, Corel data till X6.
Please transform all texts to paths (if we do not have to edit them) to avoid possible problems with missing fonts.
Paths with contour filling should also be transformed to surfaces. Create only pixel images with an original size of 240 - 300 dpi, otherwise a loss of quality in print might occur.

Print data which is not bigger than 10Mb can be sent per email.
Please load bigger data on our FTP-Server, because our Mail-Server cannot accept it.
For that, please make a folder with your company name and commission or order confirmation number, sot that we can allocate the order directly to you and do not mix it up with others.
Once you uploaded the data, please send us an email that you uploaded some data to our server.

Server: | Folder: datenaustausch | Benutzer: ftpuser | Password: m0p2Yp46
It is the best if you upload it with a FTP program (e.g. FileZilla).

Create print data always 1:1, therefore in the final format, without bleed margin. It would be the best if you create the working area also in the final format. If we would need it in a different format (exceptional case), we would contact you. To avoid unnecessary work and anger, we would let you send a sample and check the feasibility by bigger print runs.
We cannot give a guarantee for misspellings, typesetting errors or colour reproduction, please show understanding for that.

Special- and Spot colours

You are welcome to send us the colours also in spot colour, e.g. special Pantone colours, HKS or RAL. These are treated specially in the Raster Image Processor (RIP).
If you wish white, a primer or varnish, you should predefine these as spot colours with the right name. If you are using the Adobe Illustrator, we can send you on request, these predefined colours as finished colour-library.


We do not print white if it isn't predefined as spot colour. Please do not forget to let us know, when placing  the order, which element of the graphic should have a white background; wheather it should only be 6c print, or a full-surface in white. Unfortunately, the graphic designer / printer cannot see this on a white sheet of paper.

Picture 1) White, full-surface background, please declare it in exactly this way at your request/order
Picture 2) Only the circle contour and surface, the background stays e.g. clear
Picture 3) Only the circle contour has a white background, everything else stays e.g. clear

Creation of spot colours

We offer: white - adhesive primer (for glass, stainless steel or anodised aluminium) and an UV-varnish for surface finishing, for prints with special colours.
These "colours" must be defined as spot colour, so that our system can recognise them. If you want to define new colour fields in Adobe Illustrator, you get more information below.

Illustrator settings

Window Swatches -> new Swatches -> define colour as shown in the graphics!
The colour magenta serves only for better highlighting of the areas which should be printed in white and is called "special colour white" in print. The colour name "white" and "spot colour" must be set, otherwise the magenta colour is not recognised as special colour and magenta will be printed!

If you are requesting or ordering a print sample, please let us know if you want a white background. This can, but does not have to happen.
Varnish can be used as spot colour for partial coating, or to highlight writings or graphic elements. Our printer can apply the varnish in different qualities:  Matt / Semi Gloss / Gloss / Drop Gloss.

If we have to edit the data which you sent to us, we have to charge you with additional expense.
New calculations, order modificatioon and data editing will be necessary and therefore we have an additional expense, which were not calculated in the price before.

The hourly rate for graphic work is 70,00 Euro net.