iNOX spacer for signs or glasses

Stainless steel spacers for glass, wall signs and hanging signs.

Precisely made wall and ceiling mounts made of stainless steel V2A, for glass signage or for mounting signboards on walls and ceilings. No matter whether signage distributors are mounted on walls or in shop windows, large or small, a solution can be found for every conceivable assembly.

We offer spacers for which the cover caps are inserted or spacers which are secured by means of a left-hand thread.

For table or picture stands stainless steel mounts are available in large and small, a suitable solution is available for every format.

For outdoors, large transparencies can be mounted on the wall with the stainless steel banner mounts which can be either hanging or protruding from the wall. For regions where high winds are expected and depending on the size and mounted area, the banner mounts should be additionally secured with steel cable tensioners. For optimised visibility, an easy-to-install single or double-sided LED lamp is optional.

Projecting stainless stell banner retainer

Stainless steel wall retainer with left-hand thread

Wall retainer with screw head. Created with a left-hand thread so that glasses and signs are theft-proof. Can be used in places which are difficult to access, or when signs are arranged side by side. Because of a special screw head hollow-chamber in the wall retainer, mounting takes place much faster and slanted signs belong to the past.


Stainless steel wall retainer with locking screw

Stainless steel wall retainer with lateral securing screw for single or double glass signs. These are offered in several diameters and different wall clearances. Because of a special screw head hollow-chamber in the wall retainer, mounting takes place much faster and slanted signs belong to the past.

Wall retainers for signs without drilling

These stainless steel retainers require no glass or signage drilling. Sign plates with a thickness of up to 6 mm, are fixed by clamping of the plate, either from the front with an allen screw or sideways to the glass retainer.

Stainless steel retainer for table display stand

Stainless steel legs for table stands, available in many versions.
To screw or clamp of the glass. From small to large.

Stainless steel flag retainer for glass panels

Flag signage retainer for wall retainer and ceiling mounting. For fixating two glasses with text inlays or clamping of single-pane glasses  with fix lettering.

Stainless steel ceiling retainer for steel cable mounting

Signage or picture retainer made of stainless steel, as well as stainless steel banner retainer for projecting or wall mounted PVC banner.

Stainless steel sign holder for steel cable mounting

Stainless steel retainer for sign or glass mounting on steel cables of up to 1,5 mm. Clamping range from 6-8 mm. 

Stainless steel retainer for bar assembly

Signage and glass retainer for mounting to stainless steel bars with a 6 mm diameter, also suitable as ceiling retainer for overhead mounting.

Stainless steel banner retainer

Wall brackets made of stainless steel for mounting banners from 600-1200 mm. To prevent flutter and sagging the banner is tensioned with the construction. If so wished, the banner retainer can be prepared for a lighting installation.

iPLEX screwhead covers

For an elegant cover of the signs – Screwings are available in four material surfaces. Spacer sleeves for a wall spacing of 5/10/20 mm, also available in clear acrylic.