Letters made of different materials like aluminium, acryl, PVC, wood, composite panels or stainless steel for facades or interior design as well as trade shows. The letters will be milled, and cut out with a laser. We can make smaller letters under 5 cm only with the laser too, therefore we have a sharp inner radius. If we are milling out the letters there will be a inner radius of 2 mm be formed.

When mounting requires wall clearance, inserted spacers with snap-in connections in various sizes and different wall clearances are applied. Their advantage is that they can be easily removed from the facade if required. The stainless steel spacers are used for letters with a height of up to 1000 mm and are installed at an ideal viewing height. In the case of thermally insulated facades, stainless steel spacers of 6 mm diameter are screwed or welded in the letters on the reverse and glued into the facade.


Glossy acrylic letter 16 mm

Coloured acryl

The variety of colours is complemented by a choice between a satin finished and a high-gloss finish. The milling of the letters, logos and displays offers you numerous additional options, such as tapped holes for distance bolts. We will provide you with the correct template. Smaller lettering can only be laser-cut.

  • 8 mm or 16 mm thick
  • solid coloured, UV- and weather-proof
  • milled or lasered as required
  • one sided matte, one sided polished
  • suitable for every attachments

Clear acryl

The milling of the letters, logos and displays offers you numerous options. With our laser cutting system it is possible to cut out very small but also larger objects efficiently. The very glossy cutting edge is another advantage.

  • 3 mm thick
  • solid coloured, translucent, UV and weather-proof
  • milled or lasered as required
  • on request acrylic translucent with UV print

Metallic glossy acrylic

The two layered acrylic, front metallic, black on the reverse side is delivered from the laser system with polished cutting edges.


  • 3 mm, 6 mm or 8 mm thick
  • polished surface
  • black acrylic subsoil


Anodised aluminium is weather-resistant and can be easily milled or laser-cut mechanically. In the case of a laser cut, the cutting edge is dull, if milled it will be glossy. Only large lettering can be milled and you will get a corner radius.

1 mm - 3 mm
cool and classy appearance
insensitive to external effects
very robust

Stainless steel

For an elegant and timeless presentation, stainless steel is the material of choice. This polished surface material is available from 1 to 6 mm in thickness. A highlight is the combination with acryl. Mirror polished surfaces (gold, silver), as well as smoothed, can be combined with the complete acrylic assortment.


White PVC plastics are inexpensive and easily finished in RAL colours. Particularly suitable when stronger lettering is required. Sizes up to approx. 800 mm character height is possible.

Aluminum composite

For large-area advertising installations, logos and letters made of aluminium composite are particularly suitable. The material is stable and weather-resistant and is therefore well suited for mounting to hall walls and facades. The logos and letters are milled and have a corner radius.

2 mm - 6 mm thick
very weather-proof
good for Large scale lettering
inexpensive material
one sided matte, one sided polished


Using natural material such as wood, lettering can look professional and of high-quality. Also it is far more environmentally friendly than plastic lettering. Sizes from 200 mm are possible through milling into 3-layer larch wood.


Letters can be adhered flat, screwed with spacers or glued with bolts directly into the wall. Not every material can be worked on and mounted the same way. See more infos.