Textile- tenter frames

The textile tenter frames "aluframe" system is often used to present advertising information for trade fairs, as well as in showrooms and training rooms. They are also used in offices, museums, hotels and convention centres, where pictures and graphics are displayed to enhance well-being. Textiles minimise echo and can also be backlit. Aluminium tenter frames can be easily mounted by non-skilled workers. The insertion of textile prints with rubber beading can be quickly executed and can be changed at any time. The printed textiles are PVC-free, odourless and fall under the B1 fire protection classification.

The various tenter frame profiles are suitable for wall, ceiling or suspended mounting. They are also suitable for free-standing units such as steles or partitions with two-sided printing. An advantage is less weight and the lower associated transport costs.

The aluminium clamp frames are silver anodised E6 / EV1 and can optionally be coated in RAL colours.


To request a tenter frame, please fill out our "PDF-Form tenter frame", and send it via e-mail or as an attachment using our contact form.

Lateral LED lightning at the tenter frame AF52


Textile tenter frames AF14 are silver anodised E6/EV1 with a 14 mm frame height and a beaded groove of 3,5 x 12,5 mm. The AF14 frames are connected using steel brackets and AF-44 mounting plates, which are used to screw mount to the wall. The position of the mounting plates can be freely selected. Suitable for big wall coverings.


Textile tenter frames AF18 are silver anodised E6/EV1 with an 18 mm frame height and a beaded groove of 3,5 x 12,5 mm. The AF18 frames are connected using steel brackets. Suitable for large and small wall signage. Stable frame, good for free suspension, can be equipped with cross beams.


Tenter frames for tensioning double-sided fabrics. Whether as a flag or hanging sign, as a stele or room divider. With a 33 mm frame height, they are easy and comfortable to transport, for example to trade fairs. In the case of the steles, aluminium footplates are screwed to the floor.


Tenter frames which are silver anodised and have a construction height of 38 mm. Surface lighting by means of LEDs on panels, or by using LED diffusing-plexiglas are achievable. The frame has a groove that can take in cross beam profile P25 or P35. You can also put acoustic silencer plates in the groove. 


This new LED frame has a 52 mm construction height and can, according to size, be illuminated with either LED side lighting or LED surface lighting.


The relevant frame for trade fairs appearances. The AF90 can be combined as a cube or cuboid for ceiling suspensions. Eyelet rings are installed for cable assembly.


Frames for single sided LED illumination and wall mounting. Or without illumination as exhibition wall, also double-sided.


The silver anodised E6/EV1 aluminium footplate has a width of 50, 120, 150, 214, 301, 424, and 604 mm. A depth of 310 mm. Rubber inserts have been incorporated into the bottom for better stability.


Aluminium mounting plate for wall mounting of the systems AF14, AF18, AF38, AF97.