UV - prints

With our sheet and roll printing machine Nyala, we can print plates of up to 3 m wide, 4 m long and 5 cm thick. Fabrics and foils up to 2,5 m wide and 50 m long.

Print resolution is from 360dpi - 1080dpi with 9-42 picoliter in 6c, white, varnish and with adhesion primer.

Sign systems, display panels, stretch fabrics, wood, acrylic and single-pane safety glass in high-resolution photo quality, in all motifs, be it pictures, texts or graphics, almost any surface is printable.

We finish your prints in the correct format with a milling and cutting machine. For acrylic glass we use a 200 watt laser system to give the sign and glass a high gloss finish.

UV Druck 3Dimensional