Guidance and Signage Systems

Guidance and orientation systems for object signposting


Indoor guidance systems get the visitors in public institutions or in companies fast to their wished destination via door signs and direction signs. Outdoor guidance systems convey information expediently on steles or pylons in front of the object.

Well planned signposting systems aren’t only functional for orientation, but also relevant for the customers satisfaction. A good and visible emergency escape route signposting guarantees a safe abandonment of the object, if needed.

The variety of our signposting systems got extended by a new stainless steel guidance system.

The FORMO Guidance System with its super flat construction and well secured text inlays, is perfect for a barrier free object signposting. The FORMO Variable with its banner signs, hanging signs and direction signs supplements the FORMO Guidance System.

We make demanding sign systems or simple office and door signs to your individual request.

Guidance and orientation systems convey the first impression. Coordinated with the Corporate Identity, a door sign or guidance system will become the figurehead with lasting impression.

Formo guidance system

Very elegant, flat in design, visual signage system with a minimal visible edge. The modern inscription system to label yourself, using paper feeders.

FORMO Variable

FORMO guidance systems are variable with all other sign systems. Sign system is suited for larger text feeders or for outdoor signposting.

FORMO indoor steles

Display panels with a thickness from 16-105mm, with aluminium or steel footplates. FORMOflach information signs available in A3 or A4 can be optionally put on.

Indoor guidance systems

Plane or convex signs for indoor usage, made of aluminium or glass, for self labelling, using paper feeders.

Outdoor guidance systems

From signs or stands out in the open to the display panels or even convex pylons in front of the facility.

Stainless steel guidance systems