Formo guidance system

Guidance systems for object signposting

Guidance system which is matched according to requests of architects and consumers.

The insertable sign, FORMOeinschub is simple and easy to use, the inlay sheets can be changed quickly, and on request secured. A 5 mm mounting plate made of aluminium is additional available to remove the sign from the wall.

The system sign FORMOflach, is the flatest interchangeable sign on the market, with a construction height of only 4,5 mm and a secured 2 mm flush-mounted, anti-glare acrylic panel. It is often used for installation in wall-elements. Due to its low weight, it is ideally suited for adhesive mounting and particularly useful in hospitals, where hygienic conditions are of importance.

These very flat door and information signs are fast and easy to touch for people with visual impairment and are therefore well suited for barrier-free object signposting. The classic - FORMOnoble - offers door and information signs with bright white frames that create a text feeder with a high importance and appearance. Clear visibility ensure crystal-clear, secured acrylic plates with a thickness of 3-4 mm. They are easily changed out with a suction cup. All FORMO guidance systems are signs with text feeders which you can label yourself. If large paper-flexible signs are required, you’ll find them under the category FORMOvariabel. You'll also find a suitable and combinable solution for indoor and outdoor.

FORMOnoble with tactile inscription


Plain and simple design. Text inlays can be changed out without the use of tools, except when the optional safety element is used. If you want to take off the sign from the wall, you can do that because of a 5 mm aluminium mounting plate underneath the sign. Signs of up to DIN A2 (portrait) are achievable. Please note that sufficient space for opening the frame elements needs to be considered when mounting.

  • Easy changeable text
  • Secured textfeeder (optional)
  • 3 assembly methods


FORMOflach with its construction height of only 4,5 mm and its flat, elegant structure is made to impress. The anti-glare cover-glasses are flush-mounted integrated in the ultra thin, aluminium frame, thanks to the groove-spring connectors. Signs up to DIN A3 are achievable. For larger signs it’s recommended to use the FORMOvariabel F05 system or F06m with magnetic fastner.

  • Many standard sizes
  • Secured feeder
  • Changeable text with suction cup
  • Flush-mounted cover glass
  • Flattest sign on the market with only 4,5 mm of frame height

FORMOflach barrier-free

This is the system of choice when the top priority for signposting is accessibility. Because of its flat construction, door and information signs are easily accessible to touch. The flush-mounted and well secured cover plates enable a fast touching of the tactile and braille inscription. Haptic inscriptions are finished according to DIN 32976 and DIN 32986 or Ö-NORM V 2105.

  • Easy touchable frame
  • Flush-mounted cover plates
  • Braille & Tactile inscription
  • Flat design


The noblest FORMO system with a clear secured  3-4 mm, acrylic  plate. Frame elements are connected via steel brackets which guarantees for a robust construction. The highlight though has to be the elegant white frame that can be ordered optionally in any RAL colour you wish. Text inlays are easily changed out by simply lifting up the acrylic glass. It is repositioned by simply clicking the cover-glass back under the frame.

  • Strong frame
  • Clear 3-4 mm acryl glasses
  • Secured textfeeder
  • Frame available in white, RAL 9016, extra RAL-tones as well as anodised silver


FORMOb1 signs are fire-resistant and very colourful.
The 8,5 mm frames can be coated in RAL colours of choice.
Standard RAL colours are 9016, 9004, 3020 and 6018. Changing out the text feeder is simple and is achieved by means of a suction cup. This system is screw mounted by standard.

  • Fire protection class B1
  • 8,5 mm frame height
  • Changeable text with suction cup
  • Secured text feeder
  • Anti-reflective cover glass

Text feeder design variations

On this page you can find various design variations for your paper or satin-finished film text feeders. With the help of the InkScape software program you are able to open the files and individually change designs or create new ones.


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