FORMO indoor steles

FORMO steles for indoor usage

Our supply ranges from very narrow steles with only 16 mm up to 105 mm thickness. Small narrow steles are equipped with aluminium base plates, the bigger steles come equipped with a steel base plate in RAL 9006. Multiple information signs such as the FORMOflach sign for example can optionally be mounted to the front side of a stele.

Aluminium composite panels with a fire protection classification B1 are used in the front and back of the construction. They are labeled using either a foil plotter or a UV direct printer. The panels are available in either white or in brushed aluminium (Nirolook).

Steles such as the St42i, St80i and the St105i can be directly and inconspicuously bolted into the floor. With this type of mounting, you can use steles with floor plans with braille and tactile inscription.

Steles suited for outdoor usage can be found under “Outdoor guidance signposting” > “Steles”.

FORMO Stele St31i with Info sign A3


  • very slim
  • lightweight
  • also suitable for very small stele


  • slim
  • solid
  • lightweight



  • great depth
  • still a lightweight


  • voluminous
  • for big totems and columns