FORMO Variable

Formo variabel fits all Formo guidance systems

Here you’ll find a variety of sign systems with unique properties, each adapted for individual purpose. The system F06m can accommodate large paper inlays of up to DIN A0 and offers the convenience of a fast text change through the quickly removable/magnetic frame strip. Similar is the F05n system, which is a frame signposting with plenty of labelling space, and it is also extremly robust, thanks to the corner connectors by means of steel angles. The difference to the system F06m is that the frame has a shadowgap.

Our F01 information signs with interchangeable or permanently mounted sign plates of fire classification B1 are in a lot of use when it comes to object signposting. Available are the popular brushed aluminium composite panels in stainless steel “look” or in white matt for coloured prints and inscriptions. Its counterpart is the F04 system, which is also available with interchangeable signage for direct inscription. The system is suitable for outdoor usage and a shadow gap is built into the frame.

The FM27 frame-sign is the answer if you’re using large wall panels. It’s dimensionally stable and is equipped with rear cross braces for very large signs. These are mostly needed when multiple, removable large or small information signs, e.g. FORMOflach are used.

The same frame but with only a 20 mm construction height is used with the FORMOflach-Kombi system. These information signs are meant for self-inscription, in either A3 or A4 and are built into the flush mounted FM27 frames. In the case of FORMO magnetic plate, steel plates which are available in white or silver, are glued in place of the conventional composite plates. The system FH12 is a hanging or flag sign system and can be labelled permanently. Light, elegant and with a frame thickness of only 12 mm they are either hung from the ceiling with the help of steel cables or wall mounted with spacer sleeves. 

FP35-Kombi, large, two-sided signage is required for hanging signs with self-inscription. If a low cost solution is required, the FP35 exchangeable-frame system with A3 or A4 text inlays and frame (with built-in shadow gap) are great value for money. Particularly inexpensive are the F08n frame signs which are ideal for emergency exit signs or signs where no text change is needed.

FM27-Combi A4 across

F01 information sign

  • fast plate change
  • only 9 mm construction height
  • also for outdoor use
  • silver anodised frame color
  • fire protection class B1
  • weatherproof

FH12 flag sign

  • low weight
  • direct labeling on both-sides
  • fire protection class B1
  • weatherproof

FH12 Hanging signs

  • low weight
  • changable plates
  • signs up to 1500 mm width
  • fire protection class B1
  • weatherproof

FM27 wall panels

  • low weight
  • convinient for huge whiteboards
  • screw assembly
  • fire protection class B1
  • weatherproof

FM27 combined sigange A3 or A4

  • robust
  • easy text change with A4 and A3 insert sheets
  • with fix lettering element

F06m frame signs

  • robust
  • possible size up to A0
  • easy and quick text change

F01 / FM27 employee panel

  • slim frame
  • changeable with suction cup

F05n frame signs

  • suitable for little text change
  • vandalism proof
  • for big information signs
  • frame with shadow gap

F04n Information signs

  • frame with shadow gap
  • up to DIN A2 portrait format

FP35 hanging sign

  • double-sided
  • with paper feeder
  • cable assembly
  • text change on the side

FP35 Floor level signage

  • changeable labeling plates
  • frame with shadow gap
  • combineable with FM35 combi signs

FP35 combination signage

  • frame with shadow gap
  • easy text change

F08n frame signs

  • inexpensive
  • size up to DIN A2
  • secured feeder
  • fire protection class B1