Indoor guidance systems

Guidance systems made of aluminium and glass

We offer indoor guidance sign systems made of glass and aluminium, plane or convex. Many combinations are also available.

For signposting systems made of single-pane safety glass, we make a difference between the glass plates with stainless steel point holders such as the INOXO and systems and the aluminium glass retaining strips such as the KRISTALLINO systems.

In the case of the aluminium signposting we distinguish between flat wall-mounted PLANO and MODO styles and the convex styles such as the CIS, CISclic, CISclic + and the VEXO signposting.

KRISTALLINO.s and KRISTALLINO are combination systems and are made of flat glass plates integrated in flat aluminium sign systems.

Flagsign System VEXO


  • very robust
  • single-pane safety glasses
  • design flexibility with long glass mounts


  • robust
  • single-pane safety glasses
  • design flexibility with short glass mounts


  • very robust
  • quick text change
  • either with single-pane safety glasses or coated acrylic plates


  • very robust
  • quick text change
  • for horizontally assembly
  • only 110 mm height
  • with either single-pane safety glasses or coated acrylic plates


  • stainless steel glass holder
  • 4 - 8 mm single-pane safety glasses with 11 mm drill holes


  • flat stainless steel glass holders
  • clear acrylic
  • available in special sizes aswell
  • lasered edges
  • fast delivery


  • robust
  • coated cover glass
  • nirolook
  • easy-care

  • 3 - 6 mm single-pane safety glasses
  • quick text change
  • easy assembly
  • stainless steel glass holders are lateral positionable
  • screw mounting


  • 6 mm clear plexiglass
  • quick text change
  • easy assembly
  • glass mounts sidewards on the glass


  • many standard sizes
  • coated cover plates
  • well secured by flat torx aluminium screws


  • slightly pre-bulged
  • easy text change by suction cup
  • riveted sign ends


  • light convex
  • wall distance
  • quick text change
  • clic assembly plates
  • unsecured feeder
  • inexpensive


  • light convex
  • changeable cover glasses with suction cup
  • clic - assembly plate
  • secured feeder


  • convex
  • text change with suction cup
  • screw assembly with mounting plate


  • self-adhesive
  • text change possible from the front
  • secured feeder and cover plates

FH173 flag signage

  • solid
  • easy assembly
  • inexpensive
  • weather-proof