Outdoor guidance systems

Outdoor signage

The most widely used outside stands are steles, columnar slender sign constructions that project upwards.
With a concrete foundation, it will stand up proud and greet your visitors in front of the building.

If large-scale signage or advertising structures are required, we use display stands with plates or plates with folded up side walls, which are inserted into a foundation by means of a stand-tube, or bolted into concrete foundations by means of steel flange plates.

If a directional guidance system is required for cities, zoological gardens or parks, panel systems are used. These are easily changeable and point the way to the destination.

Display cases are mainly used for information or announcements in front of public buildings.

If a facade lettering can not be used due to the texture of the wall, facade signage or aluminium banner frames can be implemented for presenting large-scale information.

Stabd KR80-P95 with folded up side walls


Elegant and slim. Silver anodised, mitre cut aluminium frames, connected to several steel brackets to ensure stability. Inscription plates made of 3 mm aluminium composite panels are fixed in place. Mounting takes place with stand-tubes or for smaller steles by means of flange plates.

  • elegant design
  • many standard sizes
  • weather-proof


The convex Y1 pylons leave a lasting impression and are offered in five standard widths. This slim column stand design allows a large inscription area. The floor and roof of the pylons are equipped with mounting profiles.

  • five standard amplitudes
  • up to 4 m in height
  • with LED lighting

Stands with folded up side walls

This silver anodised aluminium frame with folded up side walls is bolted together with steel brackets and completed with composite panels on both sides. The frame can be inserted and fixed into either round or square stand-tubes. For assembly, stand-tubes or flange plates are available.

Panel stand-up display

With heights of 95 mm, 150 mm and 200 mm, three different hollow-chamber panels are used for these stands. The panels are fixed with aluminium clamps 17 mm or 28 mm, depending on the size and usage of the sign system. The column stands are available in round or square.

  • solid
  • upgradeable
  • panel change also possible from front

Plate stand-up display

The low-cost outdoor version of the display stands. Used are 6 mm aluminium composite panels (available in white or brushed aluminium) which are screwed to the display stand columns by means of H3 or H10 sign holders. The major advantage of this system is that the plates can be quickly and easily changed out from the front.

  • inexpensive
  • quick plate change
  • for small signs systems only

Plate-panel stand-up display

Narrow panels are combined with 4 mm insertable aluminium composite plates. An advantage of this system is the save of expensive panels. The plates are also easily changeable. However, they are only suitable for smaller signage units.

  • inexpensive
  • quick plate change
  • for small signs systems only

Facade sinage

Three types of facade signs are presented here. Two types (AF18 and FM27) with surrounding frames for the mounting of 2 mm composite panels and the third (K24) with holding rails which can accommodate 6 mm plates.

  • AF18 with wide frame
  • FM27 with thin frame
  • K27 with sideway frame


Freestanding banner frames or for wall mounting. The robust banner frames can include all around eyelet plates and eyelet hooks, into which the printed banners can be hooked and braced on three sides with an elastic beading.

  • quick banner change
  • flexibel