Tactile floor marking systems

Tactile labelling of doorplates, handrails and technical signs.

Guidance systems for the blind consisting of attention fields shown by the means of dots (DIN-Norm) or stripes (Ö-Norm) in front of stairways or intersections, as well as conductive stripes which are pointing the way. Blind people can not only find their way through objects but also get pointed out and are able to bypass obstacles like stairs or revolving doors, thanks to the tactile floor indicators.

Floor-guide-lines made of coloured synthetic or stainless steel are helping blind people to perceive the changed floor structure with their feet or long cane. Floor-guide-lines for the outdoor areas are often made of concrete or plastic plates. You find these often at railway stations or traffic lights.

A further variation are the Stamark floor-guide-films, which are super easy and fast to glue and comply with Ö-NORM V2102-1.

Dots for attention fields