Tactile floor plans

Plans with palpable structures, building outlines and orientation inscription

Tactile overview plans provide an independent and targeted orientation for the visually impaired. The information elements are displayed visually and haptically. The explanation is made with tactile and braille text, as well as pictograms, symbols and touchable structures. Contrasting colours help not only the visually impaired, but also people who can see.

Important for a good orientation are clearly palpable building outlines as well as entrances and doors. Superb and well-palpable pictograms should be clearly distinguishable and properly sized. Various structures in corridors and rooms allow a faster search and find of specific rooms. Especially the entrances, the current location, the escape routes as well as exits, elevators and stairs should be particularly clear. The contribution of the tactile floor guidance systems into the floor plan facilitates orientation for the visually impaired.

To create a tactile plan with haptic, easily palpable floor plans and surface structures, we require vectorised graphic data of the plans, as well as the specifications from the association and authority of the blind.


Palpable tactile floor plan