Tactile handrail signs made of synthetic

Inexpensive handrail signage made of robust plastic

Handrail inscription made of aluminium or stainless steel are often very expensive, thats why the version made of synthetic is an inexpensive alternative. To offer a easier, safer and at the same time aesthetic orientation, we developed a special, anthracite-coloured handrail sign that fulfils the highest quality requirements.

The from us developed handrail signs made of synthetic are produced with a special 3D print procedure. The difference to other 3D print procedures is that this one offers high quality and a high levle of details. The new synthetic offers besides a high impact strength, and being weatherproof and UV-proof also the following advantages: 

For enhaced visibility the handrail signposting should contrast against its base colour. Many handrail signs are made of stainless steel, and to fulfil these requirements, we developed an anthracite-coloured synthetic handrail sign to set the colour in perfect scene.

Another advantage of this procedure is the smoothed surface of the tactile and braille incription. This technique brings the inscription even more up front and allows the touching to be exact and comfortable.  Because of the anthracite colour, the handrail inscription is not so sensitive to dirt as by white handrail inscription. In addition to that, they are easier to clean, and don't attract particles of dirt as much as other synthetics. We can say that this handrail sign is more hygienic than others because of that.

A further advantage is that the handrail signs are made out of one element, which means that the tactile and braille inscription won't come off.

Synthetic handrail signs have a very good price-performance ratio and are inexpensive in case of custormized designs.


Tactile handrail signs made of anthracite-coloured synthetic