Tactile labelled door signs

Directional and orientation systems with palpable text

Tactile labelled door signage or signposts in public buildings, enable the visually impaired to find the desired contact person quickly. These door signs are only part of the guidance system for the visually impaired. The company SCHILDER System GmbH offers a lot of guidance systems with tactile labelling. Many sign systems can be produced with a braille and a raised tactile text. The most handy tactile door signage is FORMOflach, it’s flat with flush mounted and well secured inlays made of anti-glare acrylic glass or on tactile printed composite panels. The tactile inscription is seald with a protective varnish. We can also print the braille inscription transparent, so its hardly noticeable for someone who is not visually impaired.

SCHILDER Systeme GmbH is a producer of over 20 door sign systems, each equipped with its own special requirements. For tactile labelled door signage, particular attention is paid to the fact that the text inlays are well secured and the raised and braille text are easily palpable and easy to maintain. If you don’t need a paper feeder, the FORMO F01 system is the best solution. This door signage has a replaceable text panel (composite material with a fire classification of B1), that is tactilely labelled and can be exchanged if necessary.



Tastbares taktiles Türschild FORMOflach