Tactile self-adhesive handrail foils

Self-adhesive foils for the labelling of handrails

Handrail signposting made of aluminium, stainless steel or plastic can often be very expensive. Because of that, we offer handrail signposting with all imaginable self-adhesive films, doesn't matter if you want them coloured, transparent or in afterglow style. The barrier-free signposting with tactile self-adhesive films is the most inexpensive version on the market. The braille and tactile inscription (up to 25 mm hight) is printable in black, white or colour.

To make it easier to touch for blind people and people wiht visual impairment, it is important to make sure to have a good contrast between the inscription and background. (e.g. light and dark)

Tactile handrail films can be designed according to DIN-NORM 32986 or Ö-NORM 2105.

We recommend to get an expert for the adhesive mounting of the tactile handrail films, to ensure a proper installation and to avoid formations of wrinkles and dirt being trapped under the film.


Palpable tactile floor plan