Tactile sigange systems

Tactile labelling of doorplates, handrails and technical signs.

The company “SCHILDER Systeme GmbH” has been working for many years with building signposting for accessibility and orientation in public places. Visual and tactile information in door signs, signposts or floor plans need to be correctly executed as to generate equality for all users, whether visually impaired or not. Since 2016 public buildings in Austria require full accessibility. This will be a requirement in Germany from 2017.

Tactile signage requires detailed planning. Haptic elements such as building floor plans, tactile profile labelling (pyramid inscriptions) and braille also called "Night writing" make it possible for visually impaired people to orientate themselves via touch without the help of others. Floor guidance lines, tactile overview plans, tactile handrail labelling and signs with tactile and braille labelling are the wayfinding sign systems for complete accessibility.

The printing techniques developed by the company “SCHILDER Systeme GmbH” for the production of haptic elements and lettering, like for instance prism-text and point-text which are produced according to DIN 32986 and DIN 32976 and also Ö-NORM 21005. Users and blind institutions confirm the excellent reader-friendliness of tactile plans, the touch-friendly tactile doorplates, the high contrast pictograms, the low-cost retrofitted tactile foils and the innovative sign systems.

The challenges of creating blind directional systems in both relative design and best quality is our ultimate goal, now and in the future. Our extensive programme offers the following: Tactile signage and adhesive labelling for equipment, tactile hand signage made of aluminium and plastic, tactile self-adhesive handrail foils that glow, tactile floor plans with palpable outlines, tactile pictograms that are both haptic and high in contrast and directional floor systems made of stainless steel and plastic for accessibility in public buildings. 

Taktile Handlaufschilder aus Edelstahl