Door signs made of acrylic

Currently available in all sizes

Door signs made of transparent acrylic glass, they are labelled by means of a changeable paper feeder or directly by means of UV print.

Can be ordered in the colour of your choice or with a satin acrylic cover glass plate.

To mount the door signs, stainless steel wall spacers are inserted from the sides or by means of drilling into the acrylic cover glass.

The wall clearence of the stainless steel wall spacers is standardised 15 mm, but they can be mounted between 10-20 mm.

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Türschild INOXOplex

Door signs made of acrylic

Consistig of an acrylic sheet without drill, with a thickness of 6 mm and for fix lettering by means of UV-print or plotter films. Two stainless steel glass retainer with a diameter of 16 mm fixate the acrylic sheet (without drill) with an allen screw.

Door signs INOXOplex

Two 4 mm thick acrylic sheets are wall mounted using stainless steel glass mounts (w15.14). To lable it we use satin finished text feeders. The standard wall spacing is 15 mm but can, if needed, be increased to 20 mm. Paper text feeders with their perforated drill holes are available in A4. The rear clear plexiglass sheet can be changed out for a white finish if so requested.