Door signs made of aluminium

Robust aluminium door signs with acrylic cover glass made of single-pane safety glass.

Door signs made of aluminium extruded profile are ideally suited when a robust and coloured frame is required.

Minimum wall thickness is required when using extruding aluminium profiles. Due to this requirement, the door signs  are usually very sturdy.

Cover glasses are available either as single-pane safety glass or acrylic, whereby acrylic cover glass is mostly used with an anti-glare surface. 

The door signs are mounted either horizontally or vertically with the help of a press tool, the length has a variable finish.

Aluminium door signs are ideally suited for powder coating in RAL colours.

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Türschild FORMOflach 152 x 152 mm


The very robust sign system, consisting of an aluminium extruded profile with a width of 155 mm and 216 mm. In these can be inserted  either a 3 mm clear single-pane safety glasse or a 3 mm non-reflecting acrylic glass. It is fixed with the help of a hexagon screw. The change of the text feeders is easy and fast.

Door sign PLANO

The two, 9 mm diameter tube closing at the end of the frame, clasp the text feeder and the anti-glare cover glass. To change the text feeders, either the top or the side cover screws (depending on the mounting of the signs) must be unscrewed by means of a screwdriver and closed again after the changing. Larger information signs have a tube diameter of 12 mm or likewise 24 mm.

Door signs CISclic

CISclic door signs are extremely light and with its aluminium “Clic” mounting plate, it can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. Together with its light forward facing curvature and wall clearance from the mounting plate, it gives the illusion of levitating from the wall. The text feeders aren't secured but because of that, fast changeable.

Door signs VEXO

With a total width of 150 mm and a strong, forward facing curvature, VEXO doorsigns have a hidden CLIC mounting plate. The 1,5 mm thick anti-glare acrylic glass is held in place by self-tensioning and is removed with the help of a suction cup.

Door signs MODO

Modular system with its five panel widths from 27 mm right up to 214 mm. Paper feeders from 23 mm to 210 mm are inserted from the front behind anti-glare acrylic glass. A hidden locking pin secures it into the upper frame. Text feeders are changed out with the help of a suction cup. Smaller signs can be opened without the need of a tool.