Door signs with frames

Extremely versatile, well secured and a lot of space for text

Door signs with delicate aluminium frames put the text inlays in the limelight. 

The changeable frames have anti-glare acrylic coverglass for protection of self labelling text inlays.

Some systems require tools to change the text feeder, others don't.

These are our current best selling door signs with frames and they are best suited for tactile barrier-free labelling.

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Türschild FORMOflach

Door signs FORMOeinschub

Plain and simple door signs. Text change is possible without a tool, except if you choose the option with a safety element. Who wants to take the door sign off the wall, can fall back to a 5 mm aluminium mounting plate behind the sign.

Door signs FORMOflach

FORMOflach with its flat, elegant structure. The anti-glare cover glasses are flush-mounted integrated in the ultra thin, aluminium frame thanks to the groove-spring connectors.

Door signs FORMOb1

FORMOb1 signs are fire-resistant (B1).
The 8,5 mm high frames can be coated in RAL colours of choice.
Standard RAL colours are 9016, 9004, 3020 and 6018. The change of the text inlays is simple and is achieved with a suction cup. This system is screw mounted by standard.